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Dec 24, 2012 1:00am EST
with legislation with the civil-rights act was enacted into law the. >>host: at what point* did you become aware of the civil-rights commission? >>guest: i became aware when i was in a graduate program they would ask me if i would in the '60s and '70s. they were very good reports. i was very much aware. and the commission asked me to ask if i would write something with abortion rights and let history had been and i did a report for them. >>host: what is your history? >> what to stage where you from? >> i am from asheville my family and their relatives are there. when i went to howard university for seven to the history department with a ph.d. then to the law school to do legal history. then you had to get both degrees but not at the same time. but now that you can. [laughter] i had to do one then the other. >>host: did you come north to graduate school on purpose. >>guest: howard. absolutely. with those negros is we were called i went to howard. that made sense but one of the first to announce that was black in the ph.d. program. they said they were surprised to see me. onetime bay negro came ye
Dec 30, 2012 9:00am EST
it or not. i was born in flint, michigan. i went to law school and became a lawyer and clerk for justice powell of the supreme court. was a lawyer and was planning to do that for my career in washington. was plucked to be general counsel of the parent company of abc back in 81. i did that for a few years. through a roundabout way i ended up becoming president of abc news. it's not something i ever saw to do. even when what to do it i did it because we need secession plant because we needed secession plan and his i thought i would do it for a couple of years. the biggest surprise was that came to absolutely love it. i've met some wonderful jobs. i've been very blessed, but been any news organization like abc news, much less running it is a rare privilege. that's part of the reason i wrote the book is, people have not had that experience, some sense what it is like. >> how do you get to go to the supreme court? what was that process? what did you learn at the supreme court that helped you run abc? >> as i said it went to michigan undergraduate, and sort of wandered into the law. i was fort
Dec 31, 2012 7:00pm EST
that has hurt the middle class and has moved money upheld against gravity, defining the laws of gravity up to the wealthy from the middle-class. so it's both political and economic. it's not just a guy sitting around in a room saying let's screw the middle-class. it happened historically but if you don't understand how what why we are not going to get to a good fix of our situation right now. >> was one example of how the middle-class has gotten her? >> take the 401(k) program. the 401(k) program came in place of lifetime pensions and shifted hundreds of billions of dollars from the accounting of corporations onto the shoulders of the middle-class. take the housing crisis. $6 trillion of accumulated wealth in the mortgages and equity in american homes was moved during the housing boom, not the bust, the boom, $6 trillion move from the last homeowners to wall street banks. those are too big and enormous changes in wealth that happened during this period now. >> when did you start forming the idea to write this book? her previous book was the power base, correct? >> to be perfectly honest i
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3